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​This is colon cleansing at its finest with Kiva process using only disposable accessories.  The Hyperactive Oxygenated Water is triple filtered and cleaned through ultraviolet sterilization.

​KIVA PROCESS is a new method that biologically cleans for greater detoxification.  Intestinal cleansing may eliminate years of accumulated toxic wastes and stop unnecessary recycling of poisons that build up in the large intestine.  Diluting toxic load may reduce stress on the liver allowing greater balance of the eliminative organs.

​The quality of water used is one of our primary concerns. It is KIVA-processed to become soft, and carries balanced electrolytes in conjunction with negative ions. The PH is balanced into a more natural state. Moreover, the water is pharmaceutical grade!

Colonic Irrigation Has Historically Been Helpful In:
Weight loss, bloating and PMSIrritable
Bowel Syndrome, Colitis and other digestive problems
Acne and skin problems
​Restoring lost energy and increasing vitality

Colonic irrigation is known as "colonic," "colonic lavage," "colon hydrotherapy" or "high colonic." It is a safe, effective treatment performed by repeatedly adding small, gentle amounts of water into the colon and allowing after each fill a release to take place. The goal of the treatment is to cleanse the entire length, which is approximately five to five and one-half feet long.

The purpose and benefits of cleansing the colon are to remove the buildup of accumulated toxic fecal matter and old mucous, stale bile, parasites, yeasts, dead cellular tissue and metabolic waste that weaken the colon and impair its functioning. The cleansing process dilutes and stops the recycling of poisons that are absorbed into the bloodstream, which is constantly bathing the delicate body cells.

​Everyone, no matter how perfect their diet may be, accumulates a certain amount of waste and mucous, which coats the walls of the colon. This buildup, some of which dates as far back as childhood, may be the main cause of health problems. Colonic irrigation therapy is excellent for cleansing away this waste, which may relieve many health problems and may also be invaluable for the prevention of illness and for general health maintenance.

To assure the finest quality water, ozone is used to bring the filtered water to a sterilized state. Ozone acts on yeasts, fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites - bringing your detox to a much deeper level.

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